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  • Handmade sound amplifier enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification.
  • Incredibly durable, renewable, and rich in tonal variation, bamboo and rattan bring a relaxed style to any area. Our passive amplifier is hand-made to create a unique and one of a kind look.


  • Bamboo is one of the most plentiful natural materials around, this speaker is just about as eco-friendly as you can get. No Bamboo Speaker will be the same, either, since each cut of bamboo will have unique markings and a different look. Either way, it’s an attractive device that we wouldn’t mind having on our bedside table. According to the Feng-Shui, the natural speaker will also increase the good luck of your desk, bedroom, or wherever you place it.
  • Bamboo speaker dock that just so happens to be 100 percent green and uses no electricity whatsoever.
  • It’s made from a single piece of bamboo and holds your mobile device in place as it plays music to amplify the sound.
  • Plus, the Bamboo Speaker is pretty damn beautiful, in both bamboo and black color flavors.
  • No two Bamboo speakers are the same. It’s a signature product.
  • No two Bamboo speakers are the same. It’s a signature product.
  • Colour may differ as it’s a natural product.
  • Size : Length 10.5inches x 2.5 inches diameter  (+/-  2 cm)

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Eco-friendly from 100% sustainable bamboo Speaker Amplifier, Stylish docking station and sound amplifier, Great for hands-free calls and skype, Gives your phone a natural companion, Ideal eco-friendly gift.

Bamboo speaker is ideal to use around the house or garden/beach barbecues as well as camping trips. They are also great for amplified hands-free calls and skype.For daily care, simply wipe clean using a soft, dry cloth. To protect the finish, avoid the use of abrasive chemicals, harsh cleaners and rough cleaning pads and polishes. To remove lodged debris, we recommend using a vacuum with a brush attachment.




Bamboo speakers are a greener choice due to their use of sustainable bamboo material, which grows quickly and doesn’t deplete forests. This reduces reliance on plastic and other less eco-friendly materials. Choosing bamboo speakers helps promote renewable resources and minimizes environmental impact while providing high-quality audio.

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